2018 — NASA JPL x NYU Cleanroom Design Challenge

For NASA JPL’s Cleanroom Design Challenge in collaboration with Sasha Samochina at JPL Ops Lab, teams explored the possibilities of virtual engineering in NASA’s clean rooms, focusing on how the architecture of virtual spaces can shape the tensions and workflows of the engineers, technicians, and scientists operating within the cleanroom facilities in a mixed-reality space though Microsoft HoloLens technology.

Inspired by practices of street art and graffiti, Project Memo responds to the challenges of the clean room by taking full advantage of its virtual capabilities to make it dirty. As its name implies, Project Memo is a tool for recording work-related messages, but organized through the ability to  spray paint in both “work” and “play” modes onto one’s real surroundings mapped by the HoloLens, and attach virtual communications onto painted works that are shared between users.

In addition to an architectural design for the interactions between the virtual and real-world interfaces, a functioning HoloLens prototype was developed to demonstrate a rudimentary “spray paint” action.

Project booklet: PDF

HoloLens Unity Prototype: Drive (requires Microsoft HoloLens or HoloLens Emulator to run)