2019 — Storefront for Art and Architecture

Aquí vive gente (”People Live Here”), presented by Storefront for Art and Architecture, hosts the inaugural public presentation of the Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra (MHCPDT) by the multigenerational artist and activist collective, Brigada Puerta de Tierra (BPDT).

The exhibition compiles cultural objects and stories sourced from the neighborhood and its residents. Its identity is drawn from objects that are everyday, personal, meaningful, and historied, such as an old typeface found on the facades of the historic Edificio Infanzón building in San Juan. The logo and typeface is adapted and referenced on the facade of the gallery to further bridge the worlds of Puerta de Tierra and New York City.

The exhibit is reminiscent of  antique objects, markets, handmades, etc. to present these objects as more informal, down-to-earth, and tied to human stories.